Collective Agreement Government of Canada Pa

Collective Agreement Government of Canada PA: What You Need to Know

As a civil servant in the Government of Canada, it is important to understand the collective agreement that governs your employment. This agreement outlines your rights and responsibilities as an employee and ensures fair treatment and compensation.

The collective agreement for the Program and Administrative Services (PA) group was recently negotiated by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Here are some key details you should know.

Salary and Wages

Under the new collective agreement, PA employees will receive a 2.8% general economic increase over the four-year period from 2018 to 2022. In addition, there are targeted wage adjustments for specific positions and classifications.

Hours of Work

The new agreement includes provisions for greater flexibility in hours of work, including the ability to work from home or adjust schedules to accommodate personal needs. It also includes protections against excessive overtime and the right to refuse overtime for certain circumstances.


PA employees are entitled to a variety of leave options, including sick leave, maternity and parental leave, compassionate care leave, and personal leave. The new agreement introduces new options for bereavement leave and family-related leave.

Performance and Promotion

The collective agreement outlines a fair process for performance evaluations and promotions, including the requirement for assessments to be based on objective criteria. There are also provisions for addressing workplace harassment and discrimination.

Job Security

The new agreement includes provisions for job security, including protections against arbitrary dismissals and provisions for redeployment and retraining in situations of job loss or reorganization.

In Conclusion

The collective agreement for the PA group in the Government of Canada is an important document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of employees. As a PA employee, it is important to be familiar with the agreement and to advocate for fair treatment in the workplace. By understanding your rights, you can ensure that you are being treated fairly and that your contributions to the Government of Canada are properly valued.

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